Who we are

and what we believe!

Worship at Hedland Baptist Church - Sundays at 9.30am

Welcome to Hedland Baptist Church!

Hedland Baptist Church is an evangelical church that exists for doing ‘Life’ together (Living In Fellowship to Evangelise).

Situated in the North Western region of the Pilbara, in Western Australia, we are a small, spiritual ‘home away from home’ family for believers from many distant lands.  We see the diversity of many cultures in our church as something to celebrate – something to be treasured. This diverse-culture mix helps us to embrace the wholeness of God’s love, grace and mercy which He shows to the nations of this world.

We are ordinary, Christian grass-roots people, with no fancy wrappings. Our desire is for others to see us as the Lord sees us, warts and all, but… totally sold out to Him.

Whilst we are happy to agree and disagree on anything that is non-essential to the foundation of the Christian faith, we do not and will not compromise the essential truths of God’s Word.

If you are passing through Hedland, or you are a resident here, a warm welcome awaits you at Hedland Baptist. You may ‘visit’, or you may ‘belong’… the choice is yours to make.